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Commodities Trading
Why Commodities Market?

Commodities touch a huge cross-section of investors, including farmers, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and governments. Given the numerous risks that corporates face in this well-knit, globalized world, they have begun to increasingly comprehend the importance of hedging. So much so that risk management through commodity and currency derivatives plays a key role today to ensure that corporate profitability does not get derailed in this increasingly volatile environment. Moreover, commodity futures facilitate efficient price discovery, benefitting all stakeholders and market participants, particularly farmers.

The boom in global commodity markets was triggered by the ultra-low interest rates in the US during the first half of the last decade. As a result, a huge wall of money found its way into multiple markets and asset classes, causing a global multi-asset boom. Commodity prices moved up sharply during the last decade, driven by significant speculative activity and huge consumption demand from emerging markets like China. The result—prices have been beset with excessive volatility, making it difficult for corporates to manage their exposures effectively. Given the scenario, commodity futures help companies to hedge their exposures and minimize risk.

We at Anush Shares & Securities provide this service to our clients through a separate company ALLREACH COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITED with membership in Multi Commodities Exchange as mandated by Indian Regulations.

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The Anush Advantage

Seamless, Online trading platform: You can trade from anywhere in India, sitting in the comfort of your home or office. Moreover, with our huge network of offices across the country, you can access Anush in your neighbourhood. No matter where you are, we will always be within your reach.

Personalized services: We offer a suite of custom-made products, after carefully studying the client profile and the reason for which you are availing our service. Regardless of whether you are a farmer, manufacturer, investor, speculator, importer or exporter, we try to understand your needs and offer you the product that would best suit your requirements.

Cutting-edge technological expertise: Access to the state-of-the-art technological expertise is a key to the success of any commodities investor. We have now extended these strengths to our commodities futures business. Our robust, nation-wide connectivity offers instant, easy, transparent and efficient transactions on a superior trading platform.

Key Commodities Traded?

Precious metals like Gold and Silver;
Metals including Aluminium, Copper, Iron ore, Lead, Nickel, Tin, Zinc ;
Plantation products like Rubber;
Energy like Crude Oil, Heating Oil;
Carbon credits in the form of CER, CFI;
Oil & Oil Seeds like Crude Palm oil, Refined soya oil, Soya Bean;
Cereals like Barley, Wheat, Maize;
Spices like Cardamom, Coriander;
Fibres like Cotton;
Pulses like Chana;
Other Agricultural commodities like Potato, Almond, Mentha oil, Gaur seeds.

Benefits of participating in Commodities Market
If you are an investor, commodity market offers the following benefits:
  • High leverage: You can take a position in a particular commodity by paying only a fraction of that value as margin. Moreover, the margins in the commodity futures market are lower than equity futures & options.

  • Less manipulation: Governed by international price movements, commodity markets are less prone to rigging or price manipulation.

  • Diversification:Commodity prices are more a function of supply-demand dynamics, weather conditions, geo-political tensions and natural disasters. Accordingly, commodities are an independent asset class, and can prove to be an effective means of diversification in one’s investment portfolio.

If you are an importer or exporter, you benefit in the following ways:

  • Hedge against price fluctuations: In today’s highly volatile scenario, wide fluctuations in prices of import and export products can directly affect your bottom-line. Commodity futures helps you to procure or sell commodities at a price decided months before the actual transaction, thereby ironing out any price changes that happen subsequently.

If you are a producer of a commodity, commodities market can help you in the following ways:

  • Lock-in price for your produce: If you are a farmer, there is a possibility that the price of your produce may come down drastically at the time of harvest. By taking positions in commodity futures you can effectively lock-in the price at which you wish to sell your produce at harvest time.

  • Assured demand: Any glut in the physical market could mean an endless wait for a buyer. Selling commodity futures contracts can give you assured demand at the time of harvest.

If you are a large-scale consumer of a product, here is how this market can help you:

  • Control your costs: If you are an industrialist, the raw material cost dictates the final price of your output. Any sudden rise in the raw material cost can compel you to pass on the hike to your customers, making your products unattractive in the market. On the other hand, if you are unable to pass on the costs, your margins and profitability will be hit. Through commodity market, you can lock-in the price of your raw materials.

  • Assured demand: Any glut in the physical market could mean an endless wait for a buyer. Selling commodity futures contracts can give you assured demand at the time of harvest.

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